Baby Olson’s Newborn Session – Fresh Cut Photography, Stettler, Alberta

All the fall vibes going on with this sweet newborn! Unfortunately, trying to channel fall did not seem to make a difference with Mother Nature. Apparently, she is just one unhappy lady and we get to deal with the snow and sleet. I miss summer! But even though Mother Nature isn’t cooperating this handsome guy was so cooperative and made my day! <3 And wait until you see his adorable older brother!

I love getting my creative juices flowing before a newborn session and designing custom sets for each baby. I try to choose colours that will go with baby’s skin tone and hair so I always ask mom to send me a quick picture of their precious newborn. I knew Olson would look fantastic in this autumn setup with all the orange tones. But my favourite pictures of him are the ones below on the creamy white fabric in the sweet sleepy cap. All babies look angelic surrounded by white.

The tiny details of your newborn are always the first memories to fade so it is always important to me to capture some upclose pictures of their tiny features. My most favourite one of all is always that fuzzy newborn hair. And Olson’s sweet hairline is exactly what pulls on my heartstrings.

And look at the teeny tiny bubbles on his lips. Seriously…this is why I love newborn photography!

Before each newborn session I always ask if there is anything important the family wants to have included in their session. Olson’s mom brought with her this blanket and an adorable dinosaur stuffie (not pictured) to include in his session. I couldn’t resist my favourite bear bonnet and stuffie to go with this sweet all tucked in pose.

And of course each session always includes a potato sack, this time in grey because I am a sucker for grey. And that floppy hat makes it even better!

Sessions always begin with family poses. It helps baby relax and fall into a deep sleep, it gets siblings in and out of the studio relatively quickly so they don’t go stir crazy and it keeps everyone from getting all disheveled while baby and I hang out. This family is so in love with their new little bundle and made my job so easy! Boston, Olson’s older brother, was so excited by my light that he couldn’t stop smiling. I kind of wanted to keep him. Check out how proud of a big brother he is!

The best picture of the entire session is that one right above. <3 Oh my lanta!!

Mom is so in love with her newest little man. She’s pretty lucky to get to be surrounded by all these men for the rest of her life. <3

And what dad wouldn’t want to remember how tiny their baby was in their hands in the first week of life? This picture says it all! <3 I love it! And am so honoured that I can help tell families stories as they grow with each child.

XOXO Allyson

Fresh Cut Photography is located in Stettler, Alberta and serves all of Central Alberta and beyond! Have an idea for a killer session? Contact me and we can make it happen! I LOVE getting creative! <3

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