Smash & Splash – One Year Old Cake Smash Session – Fresh Cut Photography, Stettler, Central Alberta

Seriously, is there anything cuter than a blonde haired, blue eyes handsome man in suspenders and bow tie?!! Oh Charlie! You are the cutest little one year old! I can’t decide if he is giving off a hipster vibe or a lumberjack vibe…but that just might be normal. lol Sometimes I look at hipsters and think lumberjacks..? Hipster..? Either way, I like it!! Haha!

Check out the curls in this little man’s hair. <3 Gorgeous!

This is my favourite picture from the entire session!! He LOVED the cake…but he did not want to actually touch it! Haha! So, his sweet mama helped him out and hand fed him his cake. lol Oh Charlie!

He discovered that if he help onto the giant number 1 candle and sucked the icing/cake off he could get the sweet, sweet sugar but avoid the mess. Haha! Seriously! This boy was hilariously entertaining in his aversion to mess.

But, he was pretty happy when the cake fell of the cake stand so he cold get the icing off of it…again, with no mess! lol

I think this is where he realized he could stay clean-ish and still get some cake and icing.

Yup!! Get in there Charlie!

Haha! Every time I see this picture I giggle…I think this is where the sugar hit him. lol

Charlie’s favourite part of the entire session was bath time!! Check out that grin!

And bubbles are always a hit. Who doesn’t love popping bubbles!?

And what’s a bath without a snack? Haha!

Oh the drool!! <3 You can always tell just how excited a baby is by the amount of drool dribbling down their chin. Haha! I seriously just love these sweet little one year old sessions! The simple joy they find in the balloons, or the cake, or the bubbles, or the bath just fills my heart right up to the brim!

And…what is a Smash and Splash without a bum shot??! Ha! Thanks for coming and playing Charlie!

Contact me today to book your Smash and Splash session! Not interest in a Smash and Splash but want a session to celebrate a special milestone in your babies life? Contact me and we can create an entirely custom session for you!

XOXO Allyson

Fresh Cut Photography is located in Stettler, Alberta and serves all of Central Alberta and beyond! Have an idea for a killer session? Contact me and we can make it happen! I LOVE getting creative! <3

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